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Sherrie Lasher's Portfolio

 Sherrie Wood Lasher

A Sampling of Lasher's 
Graphic Design Production Port
folio Selection

A Roland Lasher's Protege for 20-years


Artist and Graphic Designer Sherrie Lasher

"I have learned from the best! Roland Lasher's award-winning career spans 65 years, 44 countries, and a lifestyle experienced by only a few.
It has been my privilege to be his protege for 20 years.  In 2008 we were married and became a formattable partnership taking on successful large and small client projects.  Under his creative direction, I Produced many of his designs concepts, and many projects on my own. Below is just a preview of some of the projects that have pushed me beyond what I could have ever imagined...Sherrie Lasher  

In 2001, The Big Tenn Women's Basketball Came To Town!
  The Waterfront Creative Group, Inc., Roland Lasher's agency was retained for the marketing campaign. Lasher hired me in 2000 just before the BigTen came to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I launched my design career on this project as part of Roland Lasher's creative team.


2001 Big Ten Women's Bssketball tournment logo
Big Ten Pride News Letter for the 2001 Women's Basketball Tournament in Grand Rapis Michigan

Example of an Adobe illustrator project. I was given a pencil layout and illustrated the layout in Adobe Illustrator. This was a new restaurant startup. Designed and produced the menus, signage, print ads, food photography, and photo editing.

Black White Line  Aet
Logo Graphic of lighthouse with light at the top and water sceane
The Pier Head Logo on a cup
Racj Card Landscape Format Concepts for The Creative Spirit in Motion

The lighthouse logo shown above was very complicated. I used the amazing tools in Illustrator to create this beautiful vector graphic for a restaurant build-out and startup. Over the years I have produced many graphics to vector art in a variety of formats for various vendor and web applications.

Black background neon color Imagination A creative Resource For what ever you can imagine

The imagine graphic was created in Adobe Illustrator. The graphic was used in a video

Folder Cover for Holiday Inn West Kalamazoo West Collage with Kalamazoo activities

Holiday Inn in Kalamazoo Michigan presentation cover.
I created the collage in Illustrator, photoshop, and photo editing. Also shot room photography and much more

Maple Ridge Cabins  Logo with maple leaves
digital page about Maple Ridge Cabins
Maple Ridge Farms, LLC Event Center Under Construction

Website layout for a web page. Drone Photography.
On the left are two logos for the new Maple Ridge vacation destination. The
property is located in Mancelona, Michigan and is listed on airbnb. 

The Flossing of The Bad Mouth Boys available on Amazon for sale

The Flossing of The Bad Mouth Boys is a story about Pete Prevention and Debbie Dazzle and how the villains, Sweets, Bacteria, and Plaque try to steal Debbie Dazzles' smile. The book is both a story and a coloring book combined. Comes with a poster of the dream team.  teaches young children how to care for their teeth.

I converted line drawings to vector art, wrote and edited some of the copy, created the layout per printer specifications. and, using InDesign produced the 42 page, black / white coloring and activity book, with original color Illustrations on the front and back covers (covers by Kimberly Lasher.) The story line and all of the illustrations were created by Roland Lasher. The 42-page book is available for sale by print-on-demand on Amazon. The book is register with the Library of Congress.


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